Safety notes

Your safety is our highest priority: this is how to recognise our technicians and protect yourself against confidence tricksters.

This is how to recognise us

Your safety and protection of your privacy is our highest priority. So

  • surveying, adapting and quality assurance for all gas appliances will be carried out exclusively by specific certificated specialist companies on behalf of ErdgasUmstellung;
  • every natural gas customer will be informed in writing about forthcoming dates, personal visits by the technicians and any necessary work;
  • when visiting your premises, every technician will be able to identify himself by presenting his works identity card and by quoting your personal identification number (PIN); You can find this PIN in our covering letters about the survey or adaptation visit;
    Important: Please keep the covering letters carefully so that you can match your PIN with the one our technician has when he visits. If anyone visits you claiming to be an ErdgasUmstellung employee but cannot quote your PIN, do not allow him into your house/flat and please call us on our free helpline 0800 4398 444 (Mon – Fri, 07:00 to 20:00 hours and Sat, 08:00 to 16:00 hours) or contact the police;
  • before planned visits, we inform the local security authorities such as the police and public order office;
  • we are happy to deal with your questions and problems on our free helpline on 0800 4398 444 (Mon – Fri, 07:00 to 20:00 hours and Sat, 08:00 to 16:00 hours).

NB: You may get spam e-mails with false information about the natural gas conversion!

At the moment, people are receiving spam e-mails under false pretences calling on them to replace their heating systems. The claims they make are all rather similar, as follows: Germany is planning to convert from one type of natural gas (L gas) to another (H gas), which will make it essential to replace heating systems. This is why customers should now replace their heating systems and at the same time claim state financial aid which will not be available later.

Claims of this kind are quite simply false and indicate an attempt to obtain customer information illegally or to gain unauthorised access to houses and flats!

What you must know: in general, no replacement of heating systems is necessary because of the natural gas conversion. If you receive such e-mails about natural gas conversion from unknown senders, you should in no circumstances open any attachments and links. If one of your appliances cannot be adapted, we will send you a separate letter about this after the survey.

My conversion

Step-by-step explanation: All the information on the background, procedures and statutory framework to your natural gas conversion.


Applications and forms

Have you bought a new natural gas appliance? This is where you can conveniently register your appliance replacement online.


Safety notes

Your safety is our highest priority. This is how to recognise our technicians - and protect yourself against confidence tricksters.



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