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As a brand of Rheinischen NETZGesellschaft mbH (RNG), ErdgasUmstellung will be in charge of adapting your natural gas appliances in Cologne and the Rhine region.

Who is ErdgasUmstellung?

ErdgasUmstellung is a brand of Rheinische NETZgesellschaft mbH (RNG), which operates electricity and natural gas grids in the Rhineland. ErdgasUmstellung handles all the technical steps and communications in the process known as the market area conversion, in the course of which around 500,000 natural gas appliances in the RNG grid area will need to be adapted to use to the new H gas. The legal responsibility for the market area conversion, also known as natural gas conversion, is held by RNG.

Rheinische NETZGesellschaft mbH (RNG)

Rheinische NETZGesellschaft mbH is your network operator for Cologne and the Rhine region, from Dinslaken to Bornheim and from Erftstadt to Reichshof.

Currently employing 107 staff, Rheinische NETZGesellschaft mbH is responsible for operating 9,000 km of gas network and 24,000 km of power lines, which it makes available to all energy suppliers on equal terms.

Please visit www.rng.de for further information on Rheinische NETZGesellschaft mbH.

My conversion

Step-by-step explanation: All the information on the background, procedures and statutory framework to your natural gas conversion.


Applications and forms

Have you bought a new natural gas appliance? This is where you can conveniently register your appliance replacement online.


Safety notes

Your safety is our highest priority. This is how to recognise our technicians - and protect yourself against confidence tricksters.



All contact information for consumers and press representatives and our free helpline number.

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