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Replacement made easy: Simply fill out your applications on the screen and immediately submit your application data online.

Use our online forms to submit your application data both quickly and securely. We will continuously expand this section and provide you with up-to-date forms.

Form – appliance replacement

Please notify us if you replace a natural gas appliance or install an additional natural gas appliance after our visit using the online form below. Without this information, we cannot guarantee that your natural gas appliance will be adapted in good time. A yellow sticker on the appliance will indicate whether we have surveyed your natural gas appliance.

Please fill out a separate application for each individual appliance if several appliances have been replaced in your household. If you enter an e-mail address into the online form, a copy of your application data will be automatically sent to this address.


Note on reimbursement claims: You may be eligible for a cost reimbursement from Rheinische NETZGesellschaft mbH for each new appliance under certain conditions. Please fill out the claim for reimbursement application as a PDF instead of the online form and send this to us by e-mail, fax or post.

This online form does not replace the regular commissioning application of the contracted installation company to the network operator. Please use the applicable application forms to request a grid connection.


    Angaben zu Bewohner / Anschlussnutzer und Objektadresse
    Angaben zum Altgerät
    Bitte füllen Sie die Felder zum Altgerät gemeinsam mit Ihrem Vertragsinstallationsunternehmen (VIU) aus.
    Angaben zum Neugerät
    Bitte füllen Sie die nachfolgenden Felder gemeinsam mit Ihrem Vertragsinstallationsunternehmen (VIU) aus.
    Zur Prüfung Ihres Antrages bitte die Rechnung des Neugerätes hochladen


    If you have any questions regarding the form’s content or need help filling it out, then you can ring our free helpline: (+49-800) 4398-444 (Mo. to Fr., 7 am to 8 pm and Sa., 8 am to 4 pm).

    Please note:
    Your request has been successfully sent once you receive a confirmation after sending the form.

    My conversion

    Step-by-step explanation: All the information on the background, procedures and statutory framework to your natural gas conversion.


    Applications and forms

    Have you bought a new natural gas appliance? This is where you can conveniently register your appliance replacement online.


    Safety notes

    Your safety is our highest priority. This is how to recognise our technicians - and protect yourself against confidence tricksters.



    All contact information for consumers and press representatives and our free helpline number.

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